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5 Reasons Hampers are the best present EVER!!!

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5 Reasons Hampers are the best  present EVER!!!

1. Hampers offer a wide variety
Most of our Hampers include, savoury, sweet, gourmet, wine & juice meaning there is something for everyone. In addition you can choose a price bracket that won’t leave you in tears!

2. Hampers are received with OOH’s & AAAH’s
Thus you are saved the embarrassment of fake appreciation that comes with presenting a jigsaw or novelty socks!!

3. Hampers make the family/client engage in conversation
Once the OOH’s & AAAH’s are finished with the dividing up of the contents begins. The only downfall is that there may be a fight over some of the contents.

4. Hampers are easy to pick
All you have to do is pick up the phone or turn on the computer and Hey Presto! The hamper gets delivered.

5. Hampers are used
Have you EVER seen or heard of something trying to ram a hamper into the back of the wardrobe?? NO is the answer, in fact even the hamper or basket is used afterwards – a bit like the adult version of the cardboard box!!