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The Perfect Hamper - from the supplier to the customer..

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How time flies.  Imagine Town & Country Hampers has been in business since 1991 and we are one of the top hamper companies in Ireland .....and yet some of our friends think we don't have a real job.  They think making a hamper is easy. In fact it is really hard work.

Besides all the planning and sourcing quality Irish products the real key to the business starts with the supplier. One year a supplier's premises was completely destroyed by flood waters but he acquired another premises and worked day and night to get his product to us. Another year we got a call from the shipping agent to say he had good and bad news - our wine had arrived in Port but the bad news was they had left it on the ship and they had sailed back out to sea..well that set us back a day or two.

The packing of the hampers is also really important. Each hamper is hand packed - one of the packers said to us recently "I pack the hamper as if I would be receiving it myself" which is great from a woman who has been packing our hampers for 15 years.

Commitment, dedication and quality are 3 of the key words that come to mind when packing hampers for your customersand and we at Town & Country Hampers have an abundance of all three.

Ordering is easy so pick up the phone 021 4808100 and get dialling.